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TALE OF MM Mercantile

During the 20th century, our founder Muthuraj Masilamani Nadar , who was the first generation in our family to initiate the manufacturing business. Our manufacturing unit was started in the year 1992 in a place called Theni which is in Tamil Nadu, India as a HUF(Hindu Undivided Family Business) family owned business.
The name MM was derived from our founder Muthuraj Masilamani Nadar, who thought to enter into this field of manufacturing and selling grocery products for the people that are high quality product which is freshly moved from the time after cultivated.One of the other reason why we entered into manufacturing sector is to gain good reputation. Getting warm smiles from strangers because of our product plants happiness in us. So we wanted to plant good health and beautiful smile all over.

We have formed a house of processing dals, flour, packaging of spices and oils that are fresh from cultivated areas, which lately became extremely popular among people under the name MM as our first priority is to produce and deliver high quality products and deliver them on time with honest & reliable service. Eating the right food can help our body face the illness and builds immune power. But to cook the right food we require right ingredients and that is why we are here. MM mercantile concentrates on manufacturing the right products and delivering it to the people.
In 1998, we looked beyond geographical boundaries and began importing pulses from various regions. Soon, we began to manufacture gram flour, peas flour, urad dal, moong dal and peas dal. MM is a member of Tamil Nadu Merchant Association Ltd amongst the Foodgrain Traders and Industry. Our quality produce is done by the latest modern color sortex Japan technology.

MM Mercantile | Mission
MM Mission

MM Mercantile considers it a privilege to be able to produce nourishment. We are on a mission to develop products that are as sustainable as possible for the environment and for the people who use them.

MM Mercantile | Vision
MM Vision

Trading nourishment for life is our vision. We know that the health and wellbeing of each and every one of you is our first priority, and that’s why we understand the importance of nourishing the body. In order to make your diet healthy, we provide commodities that are rich in nutrients.


MM Mercantile assures you the finest quality dhall and flour. All processes and pieces of equipment at our company are designed to maintain the quality of our products. Our expert quality control personnel track all operations. So, it is expected to be fresh, taste the best, and provide a high source of nourishments.


MM Mercantile has fixed prices according to customers' perceived value. Therefore, our prices are expected to be reasonable, competitive, and customer-friendly.

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